What we do and what we don't? Show we intervene? Pillars' description - Pillar 1: Forest Governance - Pillar 2: Sustainable sectoral development - Pillar 3: Agro-environmental development - Pillar 4: Environmental Governance with Indigenous People - Pillar 5: Enabling Conditions Budget

We strengthen the development and territorial planning plans of the territorial entities, by means of strategic actions that allow them to have a joint vision in front of the occupation of the space, through:

  1. Consolidation of the Amazon Region of Planning .
  2. Tactical actions that have an impact on the coordination of transport planning processes and the closure of
    agricultural frontier
    in the Amazon vital to peace agreements and operational actions to develop
    capacities and knowledge in the region that strengthens Intersectoral Planning, environmental performance and
    environmental sustainability of the productive sectors.